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Sizing Information

Available in all standard ring sizes. Ring sizes are slightly adjustable and can be opened up to the next larger size. Half sizes order next size smaller (for example, 9 ½ order size 9). A slightly snug fit is preferable to a sloppy one.

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If you don't know your ring size you can have it checked at a jewelry store. Or, you can wrap a thin strip of paper snugly around the base of your ring finger (where a ring would be worn). Mark where the two ends meet, measure the length, and use the ring size chart below to determine your size. If you feel you have ordered the wrong size, you may return the Jetslide for another size.

Ring Size Chart

2&1/4 INCHES OR 57 MM = SIZE   7 
2&3/8 INCHES OR 60 MM = SIZE   8 
2&1/2 INCHES OR 63 MM = SIZE   9
2&5/8 INCHES OR 66 MM = SIZE 10 
2&3/4 INCHES OR 70 MM = SIZE 11 
2&7/8 INCHES OR 73 MM = SIZE 12 
        3 INCHES OR 76 MM = SIZE 13 
3&1/8 INCHES OR 79 MM = SIZE 14 
3&1/4 INCHES OR 82 MM = SIZE 15 


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